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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hop.. Hop.. Hop...

Some pass time......

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tokens of affection - 2011

I got a silly thought of counting all my memorable moments this year and I am astonished as I was counting!!! because I realized that the list was just growing and never ending... just in THIS YEAR :D

There are many tokens and moments with books, trips, parks, walks, talks, cakes, parties, lunch time fun and many more...... which I could not capture as pics n preserve here. Here are a few of those which I could.

So many many me...:D

Wrist bond. Thanks bro.. :)

Small cute little deary.. She is never tired of making something for me.. Love U Niha.. :)

Some surprise entries... which made my day :)

Thanks GOD and Love you all my angels for these wonderful and precious moments. Thanks again.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Red Bash Saturday.......

This is how it all happened.
It started with yellow [1 & 2]. Some kiddish experiments with brown and yellow. Splashing out yellow coat over a brown sprinkle. Almost 3 layers of paint. And once it is dried, made circles with the sharp tip of the back of a brush in the layers and the paint came off... Hehehe.. Some crazy job.

Then came RED...
I took out red color from the bottle and somehow it got onto my hands. I dont know how to put this color off my hands now :P. I stopped the yellow part in the page and moved to a fresh page with RED hands... And there I brushed the color, into a frock!! Now that's the craziest thing I ever did :D
By the time its done, all my fingers and nails are all red. Woooo.. SCARY!!

Wash Break!! ;)

Back to Pic 1. Dont ask me how can I ever draw such a flower! Mujhe bhi pataa naheeen. It just happened [with a raised shoulder].

Hmmmmm....I was upset with the flower[btw- did u make out?]. So, moved to a different page and started[tried] to draw 'something' like a rose. ;).

Another disaster! Huhhh...
And then I suddenly remember this line from a song - You ought to know by now How much.......... (I know painting)!!!

Then the green splash with mild yellow strokes. I took water by mistake and GOD, it spread all over spoiling my plan[!!!] of mind strokes :(. Aaarrrrrgghhhhhhhhh..!! Yet another disaster.

One more song... "Dont stop Never give up..." - I wont stop [painting]. I will never give up [anything] :D. Read further you will know... :P

Came back to pic 1 to fill the blue. You got it right:D. I havent givenup with first Pic. :P

Time for some water & water colors now.

Wet the paper with water. Took blue with brush and rolled it on the paper before its dry, gently. Color spread around. Aaaaand, Ta Daaaa...... the (supposed to be) clouds are ready!! :D

Aaahh.... It had been such a great time. I am happy I made out time for this, putting all my other 'so called' imp. stuff aside. After all, its fun to crack out with colours. ;)

And here are the specimen copies....

Water colours for the blue shade and rest oil paints

An unplanned sketch with random strokes.

Another unplanned one with random finger strokes.